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Mara Bushtops

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Discover Masai Mara

Discover Masai Mara
mara bushtops safari

Luxury Tents

At Mara Bushtops, the term ‘tent’ is redefined to encompass unparalleled luxury in the wild. Each of the 12 fabulously appointed luxury tents is not simply a tent but a full suite under canvas, delivering unparalleled comfort in the bush.

  • Panoramic views: Every tent is positioned to offer the most stunning views of the private conservancy, or “the best view in the Masai Mara.”
  • Expansive wooden decks with hot tubs: Breathtaking views can be enjoyed from the privacy of your own deck, complete with a personal hot tub for relaxation under the stars.
  • Bushtops signature bedding: Sleep in the ultimate comfort with premium bedding, designed to provide a restful night after a day of safari adventures.
  • 24-hour butler service, power, and Wi-Fi: Impeccable personalized service is complemented by modern conveniences, ensuring that you stay connected and comfortable.
  • Indoor and outdoor showers: Experience the unique pleasure of showering under the African sky with total privacy, or within the stylish interiors of your luxurious tented bathroom.

The camps are designed to seamlessly blend adventure with serenity, ensuring that every aspect of your stay is soaked in luxury while offering an authentic connection with the African wilderness. Each tent provides a peaceful retreat where guests can unwind and experience the harmony of life in the bush, combined with the highest standards of hospitality and comfort.

For bookings and further details on the accommodation at Mara Bushtops Luxury Tented Camp:

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Email: sales@beyondkenyasafaris.com


Treasure every moment at your private sanctuary in the heart of Kenya’s wildlife-rich landscapes, and allow the experience to redefine your understanding of luxury in the wild.

Discover the splendor of the Masai Mara with an array of exceptional activities offered at Mara Bushtops Luxury Tented Camp. Engage in experiences that provide an intimate understanding of the African wilderness, all while being enveloped in luxury. Here are some hand-picked activities to make your stay memorable:

  • Oh, what a beautiful morning: The magic of the Mara comes alive in the cool of the dawn. Wrapped in warm blankets, traverse the savannah with seasoned guides, witnessing the raw beauty of nature’s awakening.
  • Sunrise on Safari: Embark upon a serenade of colors as sunrise paints the sky. Savour a gourmet bush breakfast amidst the wild, as the first light of day graces the Mara plains.
  • A full day on Safari: Journey deep into the heart of the Masai Mara. Immerse yourself in the bush, enjoying a packed lunch beneath an Acacia or alongside the hippos of the Mara River.
  • Into the Darkness: The nocturnal symphony of the Mara beckons. The hide-and-seek of predators and elusive creatures under the moonlight, revealed through night-vision gear, makes for an unforgettably mysterious adventure.
  • ● Eploring our private Conservancy: As the heat of the day subsides, predators stir. Traverse the private grounds of Mara Bushtops and find yourself among nature’s most thrilling dramas.
  • Private Sundowners: The classic safari tradition – witness the sunset over the African plains. A cocktail in hand, the glow of a bonfire, and the enchantment of the wild make for a perfect evening.
  • Meet our Local Partners: Gain an authentic insight into the revered Maasai culture with a visit to a traditional manyatta. Learn, interact, and respect a way of life deeply connected to nature.
  • Walking Safaris – Explore our Conservancy on foot
  • Explore our Conservancy on foot: Walking safaris offer an on-the-ground perspective of the Mara’s ecosystem. Guided safely by armed rangers, unravel the minutiae of the bush.
  • An Aerial experience like no other: Drift over the vast savannah at sunrise in a hot air balloon. Land for a champagne breakfast – a once-in-a-lifetime experience that feeds the soul with awe.

For bookings and further details on these immersive activities at Mara Bushtops Luxury Tented Camp:

Call Now: +254 785 639 497
Email: sales@beyondkenyasafaris.com


Embark on these adventures and create moments that will be etched into your memory, forging a bond with the African wilderness that will call you back time and again.

  • Green Season (1 Apr – 31 May): $1,070
  • High Season (6 Jan – 31 Mar, 1 Jun – 30 Jun, 1 Nov – 20 Dec): $1,250
  • Peak Season (21 Dec 22 – 5 Jan 23, 1 Jul – 31 Oct): $1,450

Rates include full board, game drives, conservancy visits, and many activities. Park and concession fees are additional.

Rates are quoted in USD, per person per day inclusive of all taxes (taxes are subject to change).

Ground package includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Storytime in the Bush
  • Full board (all meals a la carte). Private dining in your tent whenever you wish
  • 2 game drives per day or full day game drive with pic nic lunch. All our game drives are conducted in open converted 4×4’s and accompanied by a professional Ranger and local Masai spotter.
  • Airstrip transfers
  • Sun downer and night game drive (we have a heat seeking night vision camera “flir”)
  • Walking safari accompanied by an armed ranger
  • Laundry
  • Complimentary wifi
  • All non alcoholic drinks, beers, house wines and selected house spirits
  • Complimentary membership to our on-site, multiple award winning Amani African Spa Village which includes use of the solar heated infinity pool, cold pool, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room and gym (fees apply for treatments)

Excludes:-Private Conservancy and park fees which are payable daily (USD 80.— Conservancy and USD 80.— Park fees in 2023 and USD 100.— from January to June 2024 and USD 200.— from July to December 2024

Stay for 4 Nights, Pay for 3 & Circuit Discounts

For reservations and more information about Mara Bushtops:

Call Now: +254 785 639 497
Email: sales@beyondkenyasafaris.com


Plan your unforgettable safari adventure at Mara Bushtops Luxury Tented Camp, and treasure moments that will last a lifetime.

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While Mara Bushtops Luxury Tented Camp offers an unforgettable experience in the Masai Mara, the Bushtops family extends beyond with two additional camps, allowing adventurers to explore other breathtaking parts of Africa. Each camp boasts unique features and tailored experiences, ensuring that no matter which Bushtops camp you choose, your safari will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Set in the heart of the Serengeti’s pristine wilderness, Serengeti Bushtops is an oasis of five-star luxury. It is the perfect base from which to explore the famed Serengeti National Park and witness the iconic Great Migration. From the thrilling game drives to the serene moments spent at the camp indulging in exquisite dining and spa treatments, Serengeti Bushtops promises an experience etched in luxury and sophistication.

For those seeking mobility and the essence of classic safaris, Roving Bushtops offers an unrivaled nomadic experience. The camp moves with the seasons, following the wildlife to ensure that guests are always at the center of the action. Rovings Bushtops camp is an intimate setup that ensures personal service, luxurious accommodation, and a chance to connect with the wild in a profound and ever-changing landscape.

Embark on a journey through the Bushtops camps and encounter the majesty of Africa in its purest form. From the vast grasslands to the vibrant ecosystems, each camp offers a unique window into the soul of the continent.

For more information and to integrate these beautiful Bushtops camps into your safari experience, reach out to us:

Call Now: +254 785 639 497
Email: sales@beyondkenyasafaris.com


Whether you are resonating with the rhythm of the Maasai Mara at Mara Bushtops, exploring the vastness of the Serengeti at Serengeti Bushtops, or following the wildlife trails at Roving Bushtops, your safari will become a tale of immersive experiences and luxury, punctuated by the spellbinding beauty that only Africa can offer.

Step into a bygone era of luxury at Elewana Sand River Masai Mara. Located on the banks of the Sand River, it provides an exclusive retreat with an evocative 1920s ambiance. Expect elegant tented accommodations, impeccable service, and access to some of the Mara’s richest wildlife areas, especially during the Great Migration.

Perched on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, Angama Mara offers a remarkable blend of contemporary design and Maasai craftsmanship. Its name, meaning “suspended in mid-air,” captures the essence of its breathtaking location. Each suite promises panoramic views of the Mara below, providing a luxury safari experience that is as dramatic as it is exclusive.

In the heart of the Laikipia Plateau within the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Sirikoi Lodge stands out as an eco-friendly luxury haven. Surrounded by an acacia grove and overlooking a waterhole, this award-winning lodge offers remarkable opportunities for wildlife viewing and conservation education, along with exquisite farm-to-table dining.

Ol Jogi Home is more than just a lodge; it is a private home on a wildlife conservancy that offers one of the most exclusive and luxurious experiences in the Laikipia region. Accommodating only one family or group at a time, it ensures ultimate privacy and tailor-made activities ranging from game drives to wellness treatments.

Charming and intimate, Sala’s Camp is located at the confluence of the Sand and Keekorok Rivers. Combining traditional safari style with modern comforts, the camp provides an authentic yet luxurious base for exploring the vivid landscapes and abundant wildlife of the Masai Mara, including privileged front-row seats to the annual wildebeest migration.

A sanctuary for luxury and wildlife in equal measure, Segera Retreat lies in the Laikipia region on a private wildlife reserve. The retreat promotes a palpable sense of exclusivity and sustainability, with elegant villas, contemporary African art, and experiences designed to connect guests with the rich heritage and conservation success stories of the area.

Whether seeking the incredible game-viewing opportunities of the Masai Mara or the pioneering conservation and community-focused experiences in Laikipia, these luxury camps and lodges offer unforgettable safaris. Each brings its own unique charm and allure to your Kenyan adventure.

ENQUIRE NOW for more information on these and other luxury safari opportunities in Kenya.

“From the moment we landed at the airstrip, Mara Bushtops was an absolute dream. Our luxury tent was a haven of comfort with a view that took our breath away every morning. The game drives were exceptional, our guides were knowledgeable, and the wildlife sightings were beyond our expectations. Dining under the stars and ending our nights in the hot tub were just the cherries on top. We were treated like royalty and can’t wait to return!”

Samantha & Jake

“Wow, just wow! Our stay at Mara Bushtops was nothing short of magical. Not only did we see the Big Five, but we also enjoyed the most luxurious accommodation amidst the African bush. The personalized butler service, the indulgent spa, and the exquisite meals added layers of luxury to the raw beauty of the Mara. We particularly loved the sunrise balloon safari – an experience we’ll always cherish. Mara Bushtops is a must-visit for anyone wanting the best of the bush without compromising on comfort.”

Isabelle D.

“Mara Bushtops redefines the safari experience with its impeccable attention to detail and its exceptional service. The serenity of the private conservancy, coupled with the richness of the Masai culture, provided an immersive and educational journey. Each day was a new adventure, and every staff member made sure our safari was personalized and special. The conservation efforts and respect for the environment were evident, making our stay not only enjoyable but also enlightening.”

The Harrison Family

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