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Safari Accommodation in Laikipia Northern Kenya

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Ol Lentille

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Ol Lentille is a sanctuary of luxury set against the backdrop of Kenya’s breathtaking northern frontier. It is a place where the untamed wilderness meets indulgent comfort, forging an experience that caters to both the adventure-seeking spirit and the desire for relaxation and pampering.

A Rejuvenating Escape

Hidden within the rolling hills of the Laikipia region, Ol Lentille is a beacon of exclusivity. It provides a serene escape from the bustle of daily life, offering panoramic views that span across the rugged landscape to deliver a truly rejuvenating experience.

Architectural Marvel

The lodge’s architecture is an elegant blend of rustic charm and contemporary design. Each of the carefully crafted villas offers a unique layout that combines natural materials with modern amenities, ensuring guests feel both connected to nature and enveloped in luxury.

Personalized Service

At Ol Lentille, the service is impeccably personalized. Guests receive the undivided attention of dedicated staff, including private butlers, chefs, and guides, all committed to creating an unforgettable safari experience tailored to each visitor’s preference.

Accommodation At Ol Lentille

Nestled in the heart of Laikipia, Ol Lentille is not just a destination; it is an experience that will elevate your safari adventure to remarkable heights. With exclusive villas that fuse natural elegance with opulent luxury, the accommodation at Ol Lentille defines the quintessence of glamorous safari living.

accommodation in luxury villas

Villas of Serenity

Offering unparalleled privacy and comfort, the villas at Ol Lentille are architectural masterpieces that pay homage to their environment. Every abode is meticulously designed to offer guests a personal haven where space, style, and tranquility reign supreme. Here’s what you can expect:

A Tailor-Made Stay

At Ol Lentille, each villa comes with services that exemplify personalized attention to detail:

Whether you are seeking a romantic hideaway, a family retreat, or a gathering spot for friends, the villas at Ol Lentille provide more than just accommodation—they are the heart of an unforgettable safari experience, where luxury is personalized and the wilderness is your backdrop.

Conservation Efforts

In the heart of a conservation area, Ol Lentille is at the forefront of sustainable tourism. The lodge actively participates in wildlife protection and community outreach programs, allowing guests to contribute to the preservation of this majestic landscape and its inhabitants.

Safari Adventures

The safari experience at Ol Lentille is second to none. Guests can embark on guided game drives to witness Africa’s iconic wildlife, from thundering herds of elephants to stealthy leopards. The lodge also offers walking safaris, night drives, and cultural visits to nearby Maasai and Samburu villages.

Unrivaled Luxury

For those moments of leisure, guests can indulge in the lodge’s sumptuous spa treatments, refreshing infinity pool, and exquisite dining experiences with menus that showcase local flavors and international cuisine, all with a view of the surrounding wilderness.

Ol Lentille is more than just a luxury safari lodge; it is an immersive experience that infuses the soul with the essence of Africa, providing an opulent retreat that stands in harmonious balance with the wild and awe-inspiring landscape around it.

2024 Non Resident Rates

Rates in US$ Per person per night

 Per PersonConse.Fee
Regular Season (5 January – 14 June & 1 October – 19 December 2024)
Boscia, Aloe, Acacia$1,000$130
Carissa (Max 2pax)$1,150$130
Exclusive use*$12,500 flat rate 
Premium Season (15 June – 30 September & 20 December – 4 January 2025)
Boscia, Aloe, Acacia$1,350$130
Carissa (Max 2pax)$1,500$130
Exclusive use*$16,500 flat rate 
Regular Season-Single Occupancy
Boscia, Aloe, Acacia$1,400$130
Premium Season:-Single Occupancy
Boscia, Aloe, Acacia$1,900$130
Children under 5FREEFREE
Child aged 5 – 15 (Regular)$650$65
Child aged 5 – 15 (Premium)$880$65

Rates Includes:

Rates Excludes:

 Per PersonConse.Fee
Regular Season (5 January – 14 June & 1 October – 19 December 2024)
Boscia, Aloe, Acacia$475$65
Carissa (Max 2pax)$575$65
Exclusive use*$6,000 flat rate 
Premium Season (15 June – 30 September & 20 December – 4 January 2025)
Boscia, Aloe, Acacia$575$65
Carissa (Max 2pax)$675$65
Exclusive use*$7,000 flat rate 
Regular Season-Single Occupancy
Boscia, Aloe, Acacia$650$65
Premium Season:-Single Occupancy
Boscia, Aloe, Acacia$775$65
Children under 5FREEFREE
Child aged 5 – 15 (Regular)$250$45
Child aged 5 – 15 (Premium)$300$45


Rates Includes:

Rates Excludes:

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