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Laikipia Kenya

Segera Retreat

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Segera Retreat is a splash of green in a golden savannah. With a legacy of true Kenyan ranch life set against the cinematic grasslands that landscape the foothills of Mount Kenya, Segera has been rejuvenated into a fertile haven for conservation, community, culture, and commerce. Surrounded by a living cactus boma, the lush gardens shimmer with sunbirds and inspire with sculptures, pools, and elegant thatched villas.

Segera emits creative energy and the kind of hospitality that’s reminiscent of time spent with favourite friends. It stands as a beacon for interesting minds, mavericks, art lovers, and those looking for fantastic wildlife experiences, wellness, incredible dining, and new ways to engage with Kenya’s evolving culture.

Segera’s exclusive private 50,000 acres are a sanctuary for lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, and buffalo, as well as endangered species such as the reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Lelwel’s Hartebeest, and African wild dog. Embark on daily game drives in open-sided safari vehicles with skilled guides to seek out these species alongside classic plains game and up to 150 bird species.

Six beautifully appointed villas, constructed from timber and thatch, are perched above botanical life, offering stunning vistas onto Mount Kenya. Each villa is distinct, ensuring complete privacy and exclusivity for guests.

The luxurious Segera House and Villa Segera offer even greater seclusion. The main area features the Paddock House, Wine Tower, and renovated stables, replete with a bar and dining room adorned with art.

The essence of Segera is as a sanctuary to relax and indulge, whether before or after your safari. Here, wildlife is almost an incidental part of the experience, amidst the backdrop owned by Jochen Zeitz, which is deeply inspired by contemporary art and ideas.

Segera retreat rates
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Segera, Laikipia, Kenya, Crookes&Jackson

Family-friendly accommodations are available, including Villa 4 (Family Villa), Segera House, Segera Farmhouse, and other designated villas. Child rates are noted, and private vehicles and guides can be pre-booked.

Meals at Segera are crafted by talented local chefs who conjure culinary delights using organic, locally-sourced, and free-range produce. Each meal is a unique occasion, served in varying locales around the retreat, offering consistently fresh and immersive dining experiences.

Participate in gathering wild honey dressed in bee-suits, follow tracks with topper dogs, or engage with East Africa’s pioneering female ranger teams. Immerse yourself in the local culture by meeting with the women from the SATUBO beading collective, perusing the local markets, or exploring educational institutions like the award-winning Waterbank School.

Engage with contemporary African art through guided tours that showcase one of the world’s most impressive collections. Unwind at the spa and gym, or leisurely enjoy a poolside pizza. For a more adventurous experience, book a sleep out in the unique Nay Palad Bird Nest, or take a guided tour of the gardens and solar farm.

Witness the transformative impact of Segera’s conservation efforts, which emphasize the removal of fences, sharing information, and creating migration corridors to reestablish the land as a flourishing wildlife conservation area. The reserve is home to not only iconic African predators, such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, and hyenas, but also provides a sanctuary for extraordinary birdlife and several rare and endangered species.

For an enriching journey, see our Out Of Africa Safari sample itinerary and explore more accommodation options in Laikipia and Kenya.

Garden Villas and Family Villa – Per Person Per Night Sharing

  • Low Season: US$ 1,850
  • High Season: US$ 2,150

Garden House – Per Person Per Night Sharing

  • Low Season: US$ 1,850
  • High Season: US$ 2,150

Single Supplement – Per Person Per Night

  • Low Season: US$ 800
  • High Season: US$ 950

Child Rate (Ages 3 – 12 Years) Per Child Per Night

  • Low Season: US$ 650
  • High Season: US$ 800

Segera House – Per Person Per Night Sharing (Minimum 2 Adults)

  • Low Season: US$ 2,550
  • High Season: US$ 3,150

Child Rate (Ages 3 – 12 Years) Per Child Per Night for Segera House

  • Low Season: US$ 950
  • High Season: US$ 1,200

Villa Segera- Per Person Per Night Sharing (Minimum 2 Adults)

  • Low Season: US$ 2,550
  • High Season: US$ 3,150

Child Rate (Ages 3 – 12 Years) Per Child Per Night for Villa Segera

  • Low Season: US$ 950
  • High Season: US$ 1,200

Segera Farmhouse – Per Person Per Night Sharing (Minimum 2 Adults)

  • Low Season: US$ 2,550
  • High Season: US$ 3,150

Child Rate (Ages 3 – 12 Years) Per Child Per Night for Segera Farmhouse

  • Low Season: US$ 950
  • High Season: US$ 1,200

Segera Greenhouse – Per Person Per Night Sharing (Minimum 2 Adults)

  • Low Season: US$ 2,550
  • High Season: US$ 3,150

Child Rate (Ages 3 – 12 Years) Per Child Per Night for Segera Greenhouse

  • Low Season: US$ 950
  • High Season: US$ 1,200

Conservation Fee

  • Adult: US$ 195
  • Child: US$ 95
  • Low: 8 January 2024 to 30 June 2024 & 1 October 2024 to 14 December 2024
  • High: 15 December 2023 to 7 January 2024 & 1 July 2024 to 30 September 2024

Residents Rates are available upon request. Please note that children under the age of 2 stay free of charge and do not incur a conservation fee. All rates are subject to local government taxes and changes therein.

Residents Rates available on request

Rates Include

  • All meals, all drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic from  a selected wine list (excludes owner’s selection of imported brands and champagne)
  • Retreat activities: drives (game/art), walks (guided/art), C4C, sleep outs, visit to a local homestead and  a variety of other community-based activities
  • Laundry
  • Wireless Internet
  • Gym and Swimming Pools
  • Local Government taxes. In the event of a change in local taxes or the introduction of additional taxes, these rates will be adjusted accordingly

Rates Excludes

  • Conservation fee of US$ 195 per adult and US$ 95 per child per night (this fee is to be prepaid)
  • Nay Palad Bird Nest Experience at US$ 1850 (low season) and US$ 2150 (high season) per night, surcharge to normal accommodation rate
  • Wellness treatments in Segera Spa  and  Rasul Chamber
  • International air transfers
  • Air (as well as any related taxes) and road transfers to and from Segera Retreat
  • Gratuities / tipping
  • Visas for Kenya – where required
  • Departure taxes at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Nairobi Wilson Airport
  • Day trips and excursions
  • Wines, spirits and champagne from the owner’s selection of imported brands
  • A fully comprehensive travel insurance policy valid from the date of itinerary confirmation (all guests travelling to Segera must be covered by such a policy)

Please Note

  • Segera Retreat has the Family Villa (Villa 4) and Garden House  which  can  accommodate  a  family of four each
  • Segera House can accommodate a family of six in three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Segera Farmhouse can accommodate a family of six in three bedrooms with three bathrooms
  • Villa Segera can accommodate a family of four in two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Segera Greenhouse can accommodate a family of four in two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Children of all ages are welcome
  • Children between the ages 0-2 stay free of charge with no conservation fee
  • Children 3-12 year pay the applicable child rate for accommodation and conservation fee
  • Private vehicles can be pre-booked at US$ 790 (recommended selling price) per vehicle per day (families with children 2 years and under need to book a private vehicle)
  • Segera House, Villa Segera, Segera Farmhouse and Segera Greenhouse include private dining and private vehicles
  • The Family Villa (Villa 4)  and  Gardenhouse includes a sole use vehicle when a family booking of four is received
  • Private guide/pilot/tour leader room is available at US$ 300 nett per person per night
  • Rates for exclusive use of Segera Retreat are available on request.
  • Private Charter Flight Time: Nairobi to Segera approximately 45 min to 1 hour
  • Scenic Helicopter Excursions from Segera, rate available upon request.


For an unparalleled escapade in the heart of Kenya, reach out to experience the magic of Segera Retreat.

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What Guests Say About Segera Retreat

From the moment we touched down on Segera’s airstrip, the adventure began. Giraffes greeted us as we made our way to the retreat. The villas are a blend of luxury and traditional Kenyan decor—spacious, comfortable, and with breathtaking views of Mount Kenya. The staff went out of their way to make our stay memorable, attending to our every need with warmth and a smile. The highlight of our trip was the game drives; coming face-to-face with lions and elephants was truly thrilling. The conservation work being done here is commendable. We left feeling wholly rejuvenated and more connected to nature than ever before.”

“Segera is the perfect combination of culinary excellence, luxurious comfort, and eco-consciousness. Each meal was an imaginative journey of flavors, crafted from local ingredients that highlight the retreat’s commitment to sustainability. We were deeply impressed by the conservation efforts and found the insight provided by our guides to be enlightening. Evening talks on sustainability and the importance of preserving wildlife added depth to our safari experience. It was an educational and inspiring stay paired with the finest hospitality.”

“As art enthusiasts, Segera Retreat was a feast for our senses. The art collections scattered throughout the property were awe-inspiring. To top it off, the chance to see Kenya’s diverse wildlife in such a natural and unspoiled setting was a dream come true. The staff’s knowledge and passion for the arts and conservation were evident in every activity and interaction we had. Our stay was far more than a safari; it was a rich cultural exchange that left us with beautiful memories and a deeper appreciation for Kenya’s artistic heritage.”

“Choosing Segera for our family safari was the best decision. The Family Villa was perfect for us, providing plenty of space and privacy. The kids were enthralled by the wild dogs and the playful antics of the baboons. The bee-suit honey gathering was an adventure they’ll talk about for years. The retreat’s commitment to families is clear, with tailored activities and educational opportunities that engaged all of us. The children are already asking when we can return.”

“Segera was my sanctuary after a bustling week in Nairobi. The serenity of the environment, coupled with the opulence of the accommodations, transported me to a state of peace. The wellness treatments were divine, and the guided walks through the lush gardens were a balm for the soul. I left feeling revitalized in body and spirit, with a newfound zeal to protect our precious ecosystems. This place is a true gem, embodying the magic of Kenya.”

For more information or to book your stay, visit our Contact Page. Experience the luxury, conservation, and unique cultural offerings of Segera Retreat for yourself.

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