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Discover Kenya’s Wildlife and Culture Safari

A 7-Night Luxury Safari Package-Lewa Wilderness and Cottar’s 1920s Camp

Discover Kenya’s Wildlife and Culture

A 7-Night Luxury Safari Package – Lewa Wilderness and Cottar’s 1920s Camp


History Meets Conservation with These Two Legacy Properties in Kenya

Explore the majestic landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Kenya with an exclusive 7-night luxury safari package. This immersive experience spans two iconic properties—Lewa Wilderness in Laikipia and Cottar’s 1920s Camp in Olderkesi Conservancy near the Maasai Mara. Both properties are deeply committed to wildlife conservation, offering a unique blend of history, luxury, and environmental stewardship.


  • 4 nights at Cottar’s 1920s Camp
  • 3 nights at Lewa Wilderness

This package includes domestic flights and even a complimentary night at Cottar’s 1920s Camp.

Pricing: From $7,636 pppn (based on 2 pax sharing in the green season; actual prices vary by number of pax and season). Terms and conditions apply.


  • Lewa Wilderness: Enjoy 3 nights at this serene destination set within the expansive Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.
  • Cottar’s 1920s Camp: Spend 4 nights experiencing vintage safari luxury in the heart of the Maasai Mara.

Domestic Flights

  1. Wilson Airport (08:00) to Lewa Downs Airstrip (09:30).
  2. Lewa Downs Airstrip (09:05) to Cottars Airstrip (11:00).
  3. Cottars Airstrip (11:00) to Wilson Airport (12:00).

Highlights of the Safari

Conservation Activities: Participate in various conservation-oriented activities.

Exclusive Wildlife Experience: Witness the ‘Big Five’ with minimal crowds.

Cultural Engagement: Interact with Maasai warriors and delve into their customs.

Equestrian Adventures: Enjoy horse riding in the Lewa Conservancy.

Camel Safaris: Take a camel ride through the breathtaking landscapes.

Nature Excursions: Visit the Ngare Ndare Forest and its stunning waterfalls.

Scenic Flights: Embark on a hot-air balloon flight over the glorious Maasai Mara.

Bush Walks and Spa Treatments: Reconnect with nature on guided walks and unwind with relaxing spa treatments.

Unique Experiences: Savor gourmet meals and indulge in traditional canvas bush baths.

Cottar’s 1920s Camp

Contributing to Conservation, Community, Culture, & Commerce

Cottar’s 1920s Camp is globally recognized for its commitment to sustainable tourism and conservation. Situated just one kilometre from the renowned Maasai Mara National Reserve and the adjacent Serengeti region in Tanzania, this camp offers a remarkable vintage safari experience. Run by Kenya’s first and longest-operating safari family, the camp combines the romantic allure of classic safaris with modern amenities and the highest standards of guiding.

Cottar’s excels in providing personalized and authentic safari experiences while promoting a balanced approach to conservation, commerce, community, and culture.

Lewa Wilderness

Renowned for its spectacular scenery and rich biodiversity, Lewa Wilderness is an intimate lodge offering unparalleled wildlife experiences and a home-away-from-home ambiance. This property features nine exclusive rooms, including hillside cottages with valley views and garden cottages set amidst beautiful lawns.

Guests can engage in various activities such as guided wildlife drives, scenic flights, horse riding, camel safaris, and fly camping. Staying at Lewa means contributing to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy’s pioneering conservation initiatives and community programs.

Lewa Wilderness is cherished by families and couples alike for its heartfelt service and adventure-filled experiences, fostering a loyal clientele who return as friends and leave as family.

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