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Bushtops Hopping

7-day Sample Itinerary-Masai Mara Kenya & Serengeti Tanzania

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Accommodation Choices:Mara Bushtops/Serengeti Bushtops or Roving Bushtops

Do you wish to visit Mara Bushtops in Kenya, or one of the bushtops Camps in Serengeti? Why not both? It’s the best path to a perfect balance of game viewing, exploration and relaxation! As with all our itineraries, you’re not limited in any way, so if you wanted to add another day to make the most of abundant game, or enjoy the full majesty of the Mara Bushtops Spa, we’d love to make it happen. For the sake of simplicity however, here is how a seven day hop would work, were you to start in Kenya, at Mara Bushtops.

Bushtops Hopping Itinerary

Day 1-Mara Bushtops

As you leave your busy city life behind you, it’s important to get your bearings. So having welcome you with a relaxed lunch, we suggest you settle into a whole new rhythm of peaceful harmony, as you explore the camp and your surroundings.

Then we introduce you to the abundant wildlife which surrounds Mara Bushtops, within our private Conservancy, before taking you somewhere special for a private sundowner. Then comes an unusual highlight – a night drive before dinner, where infra-red cameras and the discreet use of night lighting opens up a whole new world of flora and fauna.

Day 2-Mara Bushtops

Your second day reveals the Masai Mara in all its matchless glory, as you spend the day exploring its exotic sights, sounds and sensations. A buffet lunch divides a day in which the world’s finest wildlife spectacles play out before your eyes.

Once back at camp you can head to our award-winning Amani Spa, adding luxurious pampering, peace and tranquillity to the excitement of the day’s game viewing.

Having whetted your appetite for extraordinary experiences, you might now be thinking about adding a balloon flight to your itinerary, later in your stay.

Day 3-Mara Bushtops/Serengeti Bushtops

On day three, you rise early, either for a morning game drive or a walking safari to the Kakiya cave. This latter option takes you to one of the hidden wonders of the Conservancy, with your guides explaining the wildlife markings, shrubs and trees you pass, en route to a timeless tribal gathering place.

Decorated with red ochre animals and artwork, the cave is still used by the Masai as part of tribal life and culture. You then have the option of visiting our local school, or returning to camp to relax. After all, it was an early start and you already have a head full of new sights and sounds to process.

Refreshed, you head to the airstrip for a short flight to Migori where you are transferred across the border at Isabenia to the Tarime airstrip. You are now in Tanzania and the Serengeti beckons …

After another short flight (this time, to Kogatende) you are greeted by your Serengeti Bushtops guide and spotter. Each points out the unique flora, fauna and features of your new surroundings, as you head towards your new destination.

If you have booked a balloon flight, the day will begin before sunrise, with the excitement of an airborne adventure ahead. If not, the less thrilling but still delightful prospect of a lie-in awaits, followed by a leisurely breakfast.

Whichever your choice, after breakfast you get to spend the whole day in the Serengeti National Park, heading for the places your expert guides believe will display the greatest abundance of glorious sights. Stopping only for a buffet lunch under a sheltering tree, your expedition becomes a succession of stunning tableaux, creating a simply unforgettable day.

On your way back, your guide radios ahead, ensuring that your arrival home coincides with a bubble-filled hot tub and your favourite aperitif.

Day 6

By now you may want to mix game viewing with relaxation, so might choose an early morning game drive and Bush breakfast followed by a return to camp for lunch. Then, recharged after a restful afternoon, you set out once again, this time for an evening drive to witness Serengeti nightlife in action.

Alternatively, you may decide to spend the entire day in the Bush on a full day game drive. It’s your dream holiday, so the choice is yours. Whatever your preferences, our job is to turn them into unforgettable realities.

Day 7

Day seven brings the realisation that you are going to have to leave, much as you and we wish it were not so. You might decide to go on a final early morning game drive, watching the sun rise and light flood the landscape you’ve explored and loved. Alternatively, you might prefer simply to snooze, free from the cares of the world.

However, the dream has to end. Your hearts, minds and cameras will be filled with unforgettable memories as we head off for one last drive, taking you to the airstrip for your voyage home – or to whichever adventure life has lined up for you next.

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