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Saruni Leopard Hill camp

Saruni Leopard Hill

Discover the Wild Heart of Kenya at Saruni Leopard Hill

Embrace the African Wilderness

Nestled in the renowned Mara Naboisho Conservancy, in close proximity to enchanting waterholes and the iconic, culturally treasured Masai Mara Fig Tree, Saruni Leopard Hill provides a safari experience like no other. This high-end camp merges modern comforts with the untamed beauty of the African savannah, offering guests a truly immersive experience in nature.

Luxurious Tented Accommodations

Saruni Leopard Hill prides itself on its six distinctive tented accommodations. Each tent is ingeniously designed, echoing the circular shape of traditional Maasai homes, known as Manyattas, and providing an incredible 360-degree view of the breathtaking landscape.


Stay in one of the four deluxe tents, each poised for the perfect vantage point over the vastness of the Naibosho Conservancy. Embrace adventure with the thrilling feature of a retractable roof; by pressing a button, the ceiling opens, leaving only a protective mosquito net between you and the storied African night sky.

Honeymoon Tent

Celebrate love in the exclusive honeymoon tent, where seclusion meets spectacle with a panoramic view of the conservancy right from your bed, offering privacy, romance, and unique features for a memorable stay.

Family Tent

Designed with family-time in mind, the family tent serves as a spacious refuge, with its own en-suite bathrooms and verandas, and the ability to enjoy the celestial theatre above each night.

leopard hill accommodation

Unforgettable Activities & Experiences

Tailored Safari Living

Saruni Leopard Hill offers tiered pricing for different seasons, with considerations for various guest needs, including single occupancy and children’s rates.

  High Season  Mid-Season  Low Season
  July, August, September & 20 December 2024 – 02 January 202503 January – 29 February, June, October & 01 – 19 December 2024March, April, May & November 2024
4 Tents – per person per night sharing basisUSS 900USS 800USS 700
1 Honeymoon Tent – per person per night sharing basisUSS 900USS 800USS 700
1 Family Tent – per person per night sharing basis (5 pax)USS 900USS 800USS 700
Child aged 5-16* – per night sharing basisUSS 450USS 400USS 350
Single occupancy per nightUSS 1,170USS 1,040USS 910
Conservation fees ** per person per nightAdultUSS 116USS 116USS 116
Child aged 5-16USS 58USS 58USS 58

Explore our range of Special Offers designed for those who wish to linger longer within the embrace of the wild or those seeking a spontaneous Kenyan adventure.

Some times more is less! For the Long-Stayer, we have a series of Pay/Stay Special Offers that allow you to stay longer – and pay less!

If planning an impromptu Kenya safari experience is more your thing – then take advantage of our Last-Minute Offers.

Celebrating your nuptials with a unique and memorable honeymoon – our gift for the happy bride is a generous one!

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Step into the wild luxury of Kenya at Saruni Leopard Hill – where adventure meets serenity, under the African sky!

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