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Reteti House

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Experience the Ultimate Safari at Reteti House

Embark on a journey to the wild heart of Kenya and stay at the magnificent Reteti House. This exquisite location offers an unparalleled safari experience, fully integrating luxury accommodation with the awe-inspiring nature of the African wilderness.

Reteti House is more than just a place to stay; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in an environment where the boundary between nature and comfort is seamlessly blended. Here at Reteti House, you are guaranteed an intimate encounter with the majestic wildlife of Kenya, all while indulging in the high-end amenities of a full board retreat.

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary Samburu
Reteti house lies the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, an area of 850,000 acres of pristine wilderness in the Mathews Range. T

Embrace the Wild in Style

Reteti House warmly welcomes you with open arms and first-class services, including:

  • Luxurious full board accommodation.
  • A delectable selection of beverages, including local beers and non-premium wines.
  • Complimentary laundry services to ease your travel needs.
  • Convenient transfers to and from the nearby Namunyak airstrip.
  • A spectrum of activities ranging from game drives and guided walks to exclusive visits to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary.

Reteti House Accommodation Overview

Discover the beauty and excitement of a Kenyan safari with a stay at the luxurious Reteti House. Nestled in the heart of the wilderness, this high-end retreat provides an intimate experience with nature, combined with the comforts of full board accommodation.

Unmissable Offerings:

With stays available between the 7th of January and the 31st of October 2024, and from the 1st of December 2024 to the 4th of January 2025, Reteti House presents an alluring gateway to adventure—the ideal times for escapades!

Do note that the camp is closed throughout November, providing the land and wildlife a brief respite.

For the latest information on rates and to book your dream safari, visit Villalife Safari.

Reteti House Exclusive Rates for Exclusive Experiences

Planning a getaway in 2024? Here are the rates you should know for your indulgent safari stay at the Reteti House:

Rates in US$

  • Minimum Stay-2 Nights (for 1-6 Adults): $6,500
  • Extra Adult: $1,075
  • Extra Child (5-15 Years): See Below

While the base rate covers a wide array of amenities, there are extra costs to consider:

  • Elephant Sanctuary Compulsory Fee (Payable Once per Group): $550
  • Child (6-15 Yrs) : $700
  • Conservancy Fee: Adult USD 160 & Child USD 90 Per Night
  • Availability: 7th January – 31st October 2024 & 1st December – 4th January 2025
  • Closed Season: November 2024
  • Full board accommodation.
  • Selection of beverages: soft drinks, local beers, non-premium wines, and spirits.
  • Complimentary laundry services.
  • Transfers to and from the local airstrip (Namunyak airstrip).
  • A variety of activities including game drives, guided walks, and more.
  • All statutory taxes.

Activities Included: Day and night game drives, guided walks, hiking in the montane forest of the Mathews mountains, exclusive visits to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, De Brazza monkey hike, and village visits.

Additional experiences and services can be added to enhance your stay:

  • Conservancy Fees: Currently US$160 per adult per night and US$90 per child per night, payable with booking.
  • Excluded Extras: Champagne, premium spirits, cellar wines, and certain special activities have additional fees.

For current rates and availability, or to make a reservation, please visit the Villalife Safari website.

Visual Prelude to Paradise

A picture is worth a thousand words, and at Reteti House, a gallery of stunning visuals is available to whet your appetite for adventure:

Choose Reteti House for a safari adorned with comfort and the thrills of the wild, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Indulge in an unforgettable adventure with a sense of luxury and connection to the natural world at Reteti House.

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