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Four Days Safari Itinerary to Borana Lodge

Embark on an unforgettable safari experience with our thoughtfully crafted four-day itinerary to Borana Lodge, nestled within the heart of a vast and inspiring Kenyan landscape.

Please note that the activities and timings are subject to change due to weather conditions and guest preferences.

To reserve your spot and for more details on customization options and pricing, please contact our reservations team.

Other Luxury Safari Itineraries

Top Luxury Safari Experiences in Kenya

Kenya, with its wealth of natural beauty and wildlife, offers many unforgettable luxury safari experiences. Apart from the majestic Borana Lodge, here are three other destinations where you can indulge in unparalleled luxury amidst the wild.

1. Olare Mara Kempinski

Situated in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, the Olare Mara Kempinski provides an exclusive and intimate safari experience. With only 12 tents, it ensures privacy and personalized service.

Features and Activities:

2. Sasaab Lodge – Samburu

Overlooking the Ewaso Nyiro River in the Samburu region, Sasaab Lodge is known for its Moroccan-style architecture and luxurious amenities, blending perfectly with the Samburu culture.

Features and Activities:

3. Finch Hattons Luxury Tented Camp

Nestled within the Tsavo West National Park, Finch Hattons offers a unique blend of comfort and wild luxury, all while paying homage to the golden era of safari.

Features and Activities:

Plan Your Luxury Safari

These are just a glimpse of the high-end safari experiences Kenya has to offer. Each camp and lodge is imbued with its own charm, catering to the discerning traveler seeking adventure, wildlife, and the utmost comfort. Whether it’s the Maasai Mara, Samburu, or Tsavo, you’re bound to collect memories that will last a lifetime.

For more details on these luxury safari experiences and to create your perfect Kenyan adventure, please contact our safari experts.

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