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Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy

Samburu Kenya

Exploring Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy

Nestled at the base of the Matthews Mountain range, Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy is a testament to Kenya’s commitment to conservation and community development. Its establishment in 1995 marked a significant turn in the fate of the region’s wildlife and the Samburu community.

Location and the Samburu People

Encompassing the heavenly Matthews Mountain Range, Namunyak is located in the rugged expanse of Kenya’s northern frontier. This area is not just remarkable for its untouched wilderness but also for its custodians – the Samburu people. Semi-nomadic pastoralists, with a long tradition of living alongside the native wildlife, they are the heart of the conservancy’s success story.

A Remarkable Transformation

The conservancy’s lands which were once teeming with elephants and black rhinos experienced a period of turmoil during the Somali civil war in the 80s. Poaching was rampant, resulting in a tragic loss of wildlife. Recognizing the urgent need for action, the establishment of Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy became a beacon of hope.

A Future through Sustainable Tourism

By cooperating with the Samburu, the conservancy has paved the way for sustainable tourism. Notably, Sarara Camp played a significant role in the region, starting small in 1997 but growing to represent the power of community-driven conservation. Visitors now flock to the camp not just for its beauty but as a part of the conservation story—a story where the wildlife, including majestic elephants, have learned to trust and thrive once again.

Namunyak Today – A Sanctuary of Biodiversity

Today, Namunyak stands as a sanctuary for biodiversity. From the elusive De Brazza colobus monkey to the reticulated giraffe, the conservancy protects a wealth of species, some rare and endangered. It’s a place where the Northern Elephant populations move seasonally, following ancient migration routes between the Mathews Range and Mt. Kenya.

Accommodation – Where Comfort Meets Nature

For those looking to immerse themselves in this extraordinary natural environment, Namunyak offers superb accommodations. Visitors can stay at the renowned Sarara Camp, experience the unique Sarara Tree Camp, or retreat to the exclusive Reteti House.

Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy isn’t just a destination; it’s an ongoing story of conservation where each visitor becomes part of the narrative—a narrative that blends the beauty of nature with the spirit of the Samburu community.

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