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Loisaba Conservancy

Explore Loisaba Conservancy: A Pristine Haven of Wildlife and Adventure

Nestled in the heart of Kenya, Loisaba Conservancy is a spectacular 58,000-acre wildlife conservancy in Laikipia County. Known for its diverse landscapes — ranging from lush grasslands and wooded hills to riverine forests — Loisaba is a sanctuary for over 800 resident elephants and a myriad of other wildlife species. This conservancy is not just a hub for conservation but also a vibrant playground for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Things to Do in Loisaba Conservancy

1. Game Drives

Experience the beauty of the African savannah with expert-guided day and night game drives. Loisaba offers a unique opportunity to see a broad range of wildlife, including lions, leopards, cheetahs, and the rare wild dogs.

2. Walking Safaris

Explore the African bush on foot with experienced trackers. Walking safaris offer a more intimate encounter with the smaller creatures and flora of the conservancy, providing a different perspective of the wilderness.

3. Camel Trekking

For a truly unique adventure, traverse the conservancy’s terrain on the back of a camel. This traditional mode of transport is a peaceful way to see wildlife and the incredible landscapes of Loisaba.

4. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding safaris are perfect for those who would like to explore vast areas without the confines of a vehicle. It’s also a chance to get closer to wildlife, as animals are less disturbed by horses.

5. Cultural Visits

Visit nearby Samburu and Maasai villages to learn about traditional Kenyan cultures. These visits allow for interaction with local communities and the opportunity to experience their rich heritage and way of life.

6. Star Beds

Experience a night under the stars in one of Loisaba’s unique ‘Star Beds’. These handcrafted four-poster beds on raised platforms are rolled out onto an open deck, allowing for an unforgettable night sleeping under the African sky.

Where to Stay in Loisaba Conservancy

Accommodation at Loisaba Tented Camp

Loisaba Tented Camp

This luxurious camp blends comfort with adventure, offering panoramic views of the Laikipia landscape. Each tent is designed to maximize views and features lavish amenities.

Loisaba Starbeds

Apart from the unique sleeping experience, the Loisaba Star Beds provide rustic yet comfortable accommodation, and they are strategically positioned to overlook a waterhole that attracts a variety of wildlife.

Loisaba Lodo Springs

For those seeking exclusivity and supreme luxury, Loisaba Lodo Springs offers a bespoke service along with stunning accommodations that boast unmatched privacy and sweeping views.

Loisaba Conservancy is truly a gem for those who are passionate about wildlife, conservation, and adventure. Whether you are looking for thrilling activities or simply a peaceful retreat into nature, Loisaba has something special for everyone.

Experience Other Laikipia Conservancies

Ol Pejeta Rhino Conservancy

Laikipia County in Kenya is a sanctuary of diverse wildlife conservancies each offering unique experiences. Besides the famous Loisaba Conservancy, here are some other must-visit conservancies in Laikipia:

1. Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta Conservancy is the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa and home to the last two northern white rhinos in the world. Visitors can enjoy game drives, bush walks, and even a visit to the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

2. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Famous for its successful rhino conservation programs, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy also hosts the annual Lewa Safari Marathon. With sweeping savannahs and stunning views of Mount Kenya, it offers spectacular game viewing and unique cultural interactions with local communities.

3. Borana Conservancy

Adjacent to Lewa, Borana Conservancy offers similar wildlife experiences with fewer crowds. It’s a great place for horseback riding and mountain biking among zebras and giraffes. The conservancy is also deeply involved in sustainable agriculture practices.

4. Il Ngwesi Conservancy

Owned and managed by the Maasai community, Il Ngwesi Conservancy is an excellent example of community-led conservation. The conservancy offers cultural tours, traditional Maasai dances, and guided nature walks in the stunning northern Kenyan landscape.

5. Mugie Conservancy

Mugie Conservancy focuses on balancing conservation with community and commerce. It offers activities like fishing, kayaking in Mugie Dam, and game drives to see lions, elephants, and Grevy’s zebras. The conservancy also supports local schools and healthcare services.

6. Sosian Ranch

Sosian Ranch is a working ranch and wildlife conservancy that combines cattle ranching with wildlife conservation. Activities here include game drives, guided bush walks, and interaction with the ranch operations for an insight into conservation farming.

These conservancies together form an integral part of Kenya’s commitment to maintaining its biodiversity and supporting community development through eco-tourism. Each conservancy offers a unique window into the vibrant ecosystems and rich cultural heritage of Laikipia, making it a remarkable destination for any wildlife and nature enthusiast.

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