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Saruni Eagle View

Discover The Splendor Of Saruni Eagle View

Nestled within the breathtaking expanses of the Mara Naboisho Conservancy, Saruni Eagle View stands as a beacon of sustainable tourism and unparalleled safari experiences. Its prime location on a panoramic escarpment offers guests not just a stay but an immersive adventure into Africa’s wild heart.

An Emblem Of Eco-Friendly Luxury

Saruni Eagle View boasts 9 luxurious tents, each meticulously constructed to blend into the environment whilst offering the modern comforts of a boutique hotel in the wilderness. These contemporary abodes stand on elevated decks, ensuring that every moment is graced with stunning views of the savannah below.

Unique Accommodations for Every Traveler

Exhilarating Activities Abound

Saruni Eagle View is much more than majestic vistas and luxurious tents. Immerse yourself in an array of curated experiences:

Commitment to Conservation and Community

As a Gold Eco-rated property, Saruni Eagle View takes pride in its effort to conserve the delicate ecosystem that surrounds it. It’s not just about providing a holiday; it’s about curating an educative journey that deepens the guests’ understanding and appreciation of the Maasai Mara’s natural and cultural heritage.

Season6 TentsFamily Tent (Enclosed)Family Tents (Detached)Child aged 5-16Single occupancyConservation fees
HighUSS 600USS 600USS 600USS 300USS 780Adult USS 116
MidUSS 500USS 500USS 500USS 250USS 650Child USS 58
LowUSS 400USS 400USS 400USS 200USS 520

Rates include full-board accommodation, unlimited internet, return airstrip transfers, shared game drives, and select activities and services. Conservation fees and some exclusives are extra.

Special Offers and Related Camps

Saruni Eagle View delights in rewarding longer stays and spontaneity with special offers. Honeymooners receive gifts while last-minute planners gain attractive deals. Explore sister properties like Basecamp Masai Mara and Saruni Samburu for varied experiences.







Discover the beauty and soul of Africa at Saruni Eagle View, where luxury meets wilderness in harmony. Your stay here doesn’t just promise comfort; it inspires a deeper connection with the land, wildlife, and community that call the Masai Mara home.


Discover Our Associated Wilderness Retreats

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Step into a realm where nature and eco-friendly accommodations live in perfect harmony. Basecamp Masai Mara offers an authentic safari experience, with camps located along the Talek River, at the very border of the legendary Maasai Mara National Reserve.

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Saruni Wild

Immerse yourself in pure wilderness at Saruni Wild, a beautifully designed camp that melds into the pristine, teeming landscapes. This deluxe tented camp is a hidden gem, offering an intimate and exclusive window into the richness of Kenyan wildlife.

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Saruni Mara Lodge

Nestled in the heart of the Masai Mara, Saruni Mara Lodge is not just a luxury lodge but an experience that blends adventure with tranquility. Dive into personalized safari rides, spa treatments, and Maasai-led excursions—all crafted to create an unforgettable journey.

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Saruni Samburu

Perched on a spectacular viewpoint, Saruni Samburu’s villas offer panoramic views of the unspoiled Samburu wilderness. A unique blend of contemporary and Samburu tribal designs, this lodge provides a serene, luxurious base as you explore the diverse and vibrant life of northern Kenya.

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Embark on a safari circuit and indulge in the unique character and offerings of each of these beautiful camps. Whether you’re looking for adventure, tranquility, or a mix of both, our related camps promise an African safari experience beyond your wildest dreams.

Guest Feedback

An Unforgettable Safari Experience at Saruni Eagle View

“Our stay at Saruni Eagle View was nothing short of magical. From the moment we arrived, the staff made us feel like royalty. The tents were luxurious and offered breathtaking views of the savannah – waking up to such splendor was a dream come true. Each safari drive was an adventure, bringing us face to face with Africa’s majestic wildlife. The knowledge and enthusiasm of our guides were unparalleled, turning each outing into an educational journey. And the food, oh the food! Every meal was a delight, each bite capturing the essence of the local cuisine. Saruni Eagle View didn’t just meet our expectations; it soared far above them.”Sophia & Ethan

A Journey of Discovery and Serenity

“As seasoned travelers, we always seek destinations that offer a genuine connection with nature, and Saruni Eagle View surpassed all our hopes. From the eco-friendly practices to the involvement with the local community, it’s clear that this lodge cares deeply for both the environment and the Maasai culture. The walking safaris and night drives added a layer of excitement to our experience, and we felt secure and engaged throughout the stay. Our family tent was a cozy retreat after each day’s expedition. We left with a sense of peace and a new perspective on conservation, thanks to the enlightening encounters we had here.”The Clarkson Family

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