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A #Wildliving Safari Adventure

A #Wildliving Safari Adventure


Traveling to Africa to experience a safari is a dream for many adventure seekers, nature lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts. However, a #Wildliving Safari Adventure takes this experience to a whole new level, offering a unique blend of luxury, intimacy, and awe-inspiring encounters with wildlife. Let us take you on a journey through this extraordinary adventure.

For these carefully selected owner-operated destinations, you are welcomed into their homes and get an insight into their #wildlives. What might be an everyday experience for them is an #ontheedge lifestyle for the rest of us. Below is a suggested itinerary where you will meet Emma and Anton and their family of five at The Emakoko, Sophie and Calum and their two at Lewa House, the three generations at Ol Malo, and Lippa and Tarquin and their three children at House in the Wild.

#Wildliving Safari – Sample Itinerary

Days 1-2: The Emakoko

The Emakoko is a lodge that sits on the edge of Nairobi National Park. Here, you can avoid Nairobi city and start your safari as soon as you arrive in Kenya’s capital while still being surrounded by nature.

Days 3-5: Lewa House

Transfer to Wilson Airport and take a scheduled flight to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. On arrival, you’ll be greeted and driven back to the lodge by a guide from Lewa House. Activities include game drives, guided walks, sundowners, bush meals, and plenty more to keep you busy.

Days 6-8: Ol Malo Lodge

Depart from Lewa Airstrip on a private charter which will fly you the short hop to Ol Malo. Ol Malo is home to the Francombe family, who will be delighted to show you all that their property has to offer.

Days 9-11: House in the Wild

Transfer to Loisaba Airstrip where a scheduled flight will take you to the Mara. You’ll be met at the airstrip by a House in the Wild guide and driven back to the lodge in time for lunch. Activities on offer will be explained by your hosts but include game drives, village visits, and much more.

Days 12: Departure

A scheduled flight will take you back to Wilson Airport at lunchtime. A car and driver will be at your disposal until your departure.

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Embarking on a #Wildliving Safari Adventure is not just about witnessing the beauty of Africa’s wildlife but also experiencing the warmth and hospitality of the families that call these wild places their home. Each destination provides a unique insight into a life lived in harmony with nature, offering memories that will last a lifetime.

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