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Kenya’s Hidden Gems

A 14-Day Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventure

Explore Kenya’s less-traveled paths for an intimate and unique safari experience.

Day 1-4: Meru National Park – Rhino Sanctuary

  • Morning: Arrive in Meru, scene of conservationists George and Joy Adamson’s life.
  • Exploration Days: Encounter diverse wildlife, including a visit to the rhino sanctuary.

Day 5-7: Laikipia Plateau – Conservation and Community

  • Morning: Travel to the Laikipia Plateau, with its innovative conservation projects.
  • Activities: Engage with local conservation efforts, visit community projects.

Day 8-10: Mount Kenya – Majestic Hiking

  • Morning: Approach the slopes of Mount Kenya for a trekking adventure.
  • Afternoon: Rest at the mountain lodges, and if up for it, begin short hikes for acclimatization.

Day 11-12: Aberdare National Park – Forested Highlands

  • Morning: Head to the Aberdare National Park, a haven for elephants and leopards.
  • Stay: Spend time at the treetop lodges, watching wildlife from above.

Day 13-14: Nairobi – Cultural Immersion and Departure

  • Experience: Visit the Karen Blixen Museum and enjoy local cuisine.
  • Departure: Transfer to the airport, with cherished memories of Kenya’s hidden corners.

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