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Bush & Beyond Conservation Safari

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Conservation Safari -Sample Itinerary

The tourism sector in Kenya is heavily reliant on wildlife conservation; recent estimates suggest that 25% of Kenya’s GDP is solely reliant on tourism. A number of properties and destinations within Kenya are heavily involved in conservation efforts which are reliant on tourism dollars which directly fund these conservation projects.

We believe in supporting those properties that have strong conservation ethics and work for the benefit of the wildlife, the area and the communities that live there.

The Conservation Itinerary

Take a schedule flight from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to the Masai Mara. You’ll be met at the airstrip and taken back to House in the Wild. Spend the days learning about the Enonkishu Conservancy and the different projects that have been set up to support the community and conservation.

Conservation safari in Kenya

Days 4-6 Lewa House

A private charter will fly you to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. At the airstrip, a guide will meet you and game drive you back to the lodge. Enjoy the many activities on offer on the conservancy as well as taking a trip to the Lewa Head Quarters where you can learn all about the community and conservation activities that take place on and around Lewa.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Days 7-9 Sarara Tree

Today you’ll drive to Sarara and take in the spectacular scenery of Kenya’s Northern Frontier.  Arrive at Sarara and learn about the success of the community conservation story that started in this remarkable area in 1995. 

Elephant sanctuary visit

Also make time to visit the first community owned and run elephant orphanage in Africa – Reteti.  Reteti has been designed to Rescue and release orphaned and abandoned elephant calves, whilst creating much needed benefits to the local people that live alongside them. The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, is the representation of the communities standing up united for wildlife, in recognition of the value that they can cultivate.

Day 10 Departure

Transfer to the airstrip for your schedule flight back to Nairobi.  Have the rest of the day exploring the city before being taken to the airport for your international flight back home.

Wildlife Safari

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