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Naboisho Conservancy

Exploring the Naboisho Conservancy in the Maasai Mara

The Maasai Mara in Kenya is world-renowned for its spectacular wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Within this region lies the Naboisho Conservancy, a lesser-known but equally stunning haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

The Naboisho Conservancy – A Brief Introduction

The Naboisho Conservancy is a community-driven initiative that plays a critical role in the conservation of the area’s ecosystem. It was established to create a sustainable economic link between conservation and rural development. Covering approximately 50,000 acres of pristine wilderness, the conservancy offers an intimate safari experience, away from the crowds often encountered in the main reserve of the Maasai Mara.

Wildlife and Natural Beauty

The Naboisho Conservancy hosts an impressive variety and density of wildlife. It is home to the big cats — lions, leopards, and cheetahs — as well as elephants, giraffes, and a plethora of herbivores. It is also a sanctuary for the endangered African wild dog.

One of the conservancy’s main highlights is the Great Wildebeest Migration, which can be observed from the region seasonally. It is a spectacular view as thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelles traverse the landscape in search of fresh pasture.

Safari Experiences in Naboisho

Game Drives and Walking Safaris: Game drives in 4×4 vehicles are a staple of the Maasai Mara experience. However, Naboisho offers something even more special: the opportunity for walking safaris, allowing visitors to experience the African bush in the most natural and exhilarating way.

Night Drives: Unlike in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, night drives are permitted in Naboisho. This activity offers an entirely different perspective on the savannah, where nocturnal animals, rarely seen during the day, come to life.

Community Engagement and Cultural Immersion: Naboisho Conservancy is an excellent place to learn about the Maasai culture. Many of the lodges organize visits to local Maasai villages where tourists can interact with the community, learn about their way of life, and even participate in traditional dances.

Sustainable Tourism

As a conservancy, Naboisho is committed to responsible tourism. It ensures that benefits are shared among the local Maasai community, aids in the protection of the wildlife, and maintains the integrity of the environment. The number of visitors is regulated, and the various camps and lodges are designed to minimize their ecological footprint.


There are several exclusive camps within the conservancy, which provide luxurious yet environmentally friendly accommodation. These range from tented camps to more solid structures, all offering the comforts of home in a remote setting. Guests can enjoy delicious meals prepared by expert chefs, often with a backdrop of the African wilderness.


The Naboisho Conservancy is a gem within the Maasai Mara ecosystem that offers a unique and rewarding safari experience. It’s a prime example of conservation success, where wildlife thrives, and visitors can bask in the serene beauty of the African plains while contributing to the sustainability of this magical place.

Luxurious Accommodations Amidst the Wild: Staying at Naboisho Conservancy

When planning a safari in the Naboisho Conservancy, the choice of accommodation is paramount to your experience. Nestled within this protected area, a selection of luxurious lodges and tented camps await to serve as your home away from home, blending comfort and style with the captivating rhythms of the wild. Here is a snapshot of the lodging possibilities:

Eco-friendly Tented Camps

The quintessential safari lodging, tented camps in Naboisho offer a harmonious balance between the outdoors and indoor comforts. Guests can slumber beneath canvas canopies that echo with the sounds of nature while enjoying plush bedding. With the commitment to sustainability, these camps utilize solar power and environmental management systems to ensure a minimal footprint on the surrounding wilderness.

Private Safari Houses

For those seeking exclusivity and space, private safari houses offer a retreat ideal for family groups or friends. They feature multiple bedrooms, spacious living areas, and often come with dedicated staff, including personal chefs and guides, to cater to every need.

Luxury Lodges

Each lodge in Naboisho is designed with sophistication and attention to detail. Visitors will find thatched roofs, hardwood floors, and expansive patios offering sweeping views of the savannah. The lodges may include amenities such as swimming pools, spa services, and gourmet dining, encapsulating an opulent outpost in the heart of the African bush.

Amenities and Services

Regardless of the style of accommodation, guests can expect a range of amenities to make their stay enjoyable:

Booking and Conservation

When choosing a place to stay, consider booking directly with lodges that support the conservancy’s goals of sustainability and community development. This ensures that the local Maasai benefit directly from your visit, and you contribute to the ongoing efforts to protect the area’s wildlife and habitat.


The Naboisho Conservancy’s accommodations cater to diverse tastes and preferences, all the while ensuring that your stay contributes positively to the conservation efforts and community benefits. It’s a model of eco-tourism, providing an unforgettable experience that respects the delicate balance of nature.

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