Our Family Holiday Safaris Packages

Family Holiday and Vacation Safari Packages in Africa

What could be more exciting to a child than stroking a baby elephant, feeding a giraffe, watching lions rest after a meal, spotting your first leopard, learning how to make fire, rafting along a scenic river, accomplishing your first waterski, catching your first fish, following game across the savannah with a warrior as your friend… these are the joys of an ‘old fashioned’ yet exciting childhood.

There is no greater pleasure than watching your child discover a different world and the joys of an old-fashioned childhood. East Africa is ideal for family holidays; we welcome children and many Safari camps and lodges are located in malaria free areas, offering family villas and fantastic children’s activities to keep the little ones excited and entertained on safari.

Does the age of the Children make a difference to the Safari?

There are aspects that we consider when booking a family safari:

  • Children younger than 6 years old: We find little ones’ tire quickly on safari and recommend families choose exclusive use of vehicle for their stay. This provides you with flexibility and privacy on your game drives.
  • Children 6 – 12 years old: The perfect age to be on safari – exploring a new exciting world and all of the animals within it. We recommend properties with an assortment of activities, to get the family out of the vehicle and exploring!
  • Teenagers 13 – 16 years old: These optimistic young adults with developing opinions are interested and passionate about our planet, conservation, cultural diversity and wildlife. We can recommend an array of areas and properties that challenge their incredible minds. 

Are there specific activities for Children

Numerous properties offer outstanding children’s activity programs supervised by qualified guides and childminders to make sure the little ones are exploring and learning safely, whether they are collecting feathers on a bush walk, creating plaster casts of animal spoors or learning how to shoot a bow and arrow.

Can we all Stay together while on Safari

Absolutely, numerous properties offer family suites that accommodate a family of four comfortably and ensure that the entire family stays together.

For game drives, booking exclusive use of vehicle ensures that you can experience the adventure as a family. Whilst this is not always a requirement, we recommend this for families with children under the age of 6 years.