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Ol Donyo Lodge-Chyullu hills

Great Plains Conservation

Ol Donyo Lodge

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Experience Unrivaled Luxury at Ol Donyo Lodge

Ol Donyo Lodge is an enchanting luxury safari retreat set against the backdrop of Kenya’s Chyulu Hills, offering a unique and intimate encounter with African wilderness. This beautiful lodge resides in the Mbirikani Group Ranch, with its sprawling 275,000 acres shared by just a few guests, guaranteeing an exclusive safari experience.The stunning lodge has been carefully crafted to blend into its environment, with natural materials and contemporary elegance.

Deluxe Pool Suites: A Haven of Serenity

Imagine waking up to the majestic sights of Mount Kilimanjaro, with the day’s first light reflecting on your private plunge pool. The Deluxe Pool Suites at Ol Donyo Lodge are designed to offer an immersive and intimate connection with the landscape, providing plush comfort while maintaining a deep sense of place.Guests can choose from a collection of ten luxurious suites, each offering expansive views of the open plains and, on a clear day, the grand visage of Mount Kilimanjaro. Every suite is designed with a thatched-roof living space, an outdoor shower, and a verandah complete with a plunge pool and a ‘star bed’ for enjoying the African night sky in utter tranquili

Safari Activities

The activities offered at Ol Donyo Lodge are both diverse and tailored to the individual. Guests can indulge in wildlife drives in open-sided vehicles, explore the terrain on horseback for an exhilarating perspective, or join guided bushwalks led by professional trackers. The lodge’s unique “ride with the lions” program is an adventure-seeking equestrian’s dream, promising an exceptional horseback experience amidst these majestic predators.

game drives

For those seeking a brush with the wild without leaving the confines of the lodge, a stunningly crafted log hide is perched near a popular watering hole, where elephants frequently visit, offering an up-close and personal wildlife experience.

More about Ol Donyo Lodge

Dining at Ol Donyo Lodge is an event unto itself. Guests are treated to a variety of dining locations, from the intimacy of a private meal on their suite’s verandah to a communal table in the open-air dining area. The sustenance provided is as memorable as the adventures, with dishes prepared from fresh, local produce and a menu that changes daily to reflect the seasonal availability and the chef’s inspiration.

Overall, Ol Donyo Lodge is not just an escape to the untouched landscapes of Africa, but a luxurious odyssey into the heart of conservation, community, and culture, underpinned by the majestic beauty of Kenya’s wildlife and scenery.

Sambu Suite: The Epitome of Group Luxury

For those travelling in numbers yet craving exclusivity, the 2-Bedroom Sambu Suite stands as a testament to communal luxury, accommodating up to 4 adults—or a family with children—with ease.

Inclusive Rates for Incomparable Memories

Whether it’s the thrill of a horseback ride across the savannah or a toast to the setting sun with a glass of champagne, your stay is enriched with:

Seek Adventure, Find Serenity

Find your adventure soaring above the plains or touching the earth among the wildlife. Then, as dusk descends, return to the sanctuary of Ol Donyo Lodge to rest, refresh, and relive the day’s wonders.

Simply Connect and Embark

Journey to the Heart of Wilderness


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