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The  popularity of Masai Mara however means a number of factors must be considered when choosing your Masai Mara accommodation. Choosing which area to visit and when to go will impact on your experience. The Masai Mara's central region is busiest during migration season and its many Lodge and Safari hotels cater for large numbers of people. The northern concessions offer more privacy and tucked-away accommodation such as luxury tented camps and decadent safari suites, plus you'll be able to enjoy a greater selection of activities like guided walks and star-gazing. The eastern region is closest to Nairobi and the accommodation is consequently larger in scale, catering for scheduled tour groups and the like. Our selection of accommodation in the Masai Mara includes lodges and family-friendly hotels, colonial-style tented camps and even mobile camps - all you need to do is decide when to go, contact us, and we'll do the rest. Prices are inclusive of all domestic taxes and levies and may change without prior notice in the event of changes in government policy

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