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Giraffe Manor

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Stay at the Enchanting Giraffe Manor in Nairobi

Giraffe Manor is renowned for its resident herd of Rothschild’s giraffes that freely roam the grounds and often peek into the windows, offering guests a truly unique up-close encounter. The manor itself is a testament to 1930s grandeur, yet seamlessly incorporates all the comforts of modern living.

At Giraffe Manor, you’ll find more than just a place to stay; you’ll find a connection to nature’s gentle giants coupled with unrivaled comfort. Each accommodation is thoughtfully designed to provide you with an intimate encounter with the manor’s graceful residents, the Rothschild’s giraffes, as they may curiously peek into your quarters.

Designed for families or groups, the Karen Blixen Suite offers a lavish retreat encompassing:

Ideal for family stays, Finch Hatton Suite provides comfort and elegance with:


These are a collection of deluxe rooms each with a unique name and style:

Indulge in gourmet meals, sip on fine wines, and enjoy the ambiance as you dine with a view of the giraffes. All stays include numerous benefits to make your experience unforgettable:

For those seeking rejuvenation, The Retreat offers wellness and relaxation with a variety of facilities exclusively for Manor House guests.

Imagine waking up to a giraffe peering through your window, hoping for a treat. This extraordinary moment is a daily occurrence at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya. Guests can experience

Feel the delight as giraffes join you for breakfast or afternoon tea, creating an immersive experience that delights both children and adults alike. The manor’s dining spaces are designed to facilitate these magical encounters, allowing you to share moments with the giraffes amidst elegant surroundings.

Giraffe Manor beautifully preserves the 1930s glamour while providing contemporary luxuries. Each room in the manor is exquisitely designed to offer comfort and elegance, staying true to its historical significance while ensuring a memorable and cozy stay. You’ll find top-tier amenities and attentive, personalized service for an inclusive and unforgettable experience.

Guests can savor gourmet meals prepared with the freshest ingredients, complemented by fine wines and the stunning backdrop of the manor’s lush gardens and resident giraffes. Every bite becomes a part of the story you’ll tell about your time spent in this enchanting retreat.

Included in your stay is unlimited access to the adjacent Giraffe Centre, where you can learn about giraffe conservation and the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe. It’s an educational and inspiring addition to the surreal encounters at the manor.

The adventure doesn’t have to end at Giraffe Manor. Guests are encouraged to explore Nairobi’s vibrant culture, the nearby David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, where orphaned elephants are rehabilitated, or take a game drive in the Nairobi National Park.

Giraffe Manor sets the bar for a dream safari stay in Nairobi. Integrated seamlessly with nature’s wonders, the manor remains a sanctuary for those seeking an inspirational journey across the African landscape. From its luxurious accommodations to the unrivaled encounters with its giraffe residents, every aspect of the Manor is designed to provide an experience like no other.

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Craft the perfect journey with help from experts. Tailor your visit to Giraffe Manor and surrounding attractions for an experience etched into memory.

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