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Lewa Safari camp

A Sample Itinerary

A Journey to Lewa Safari Camp

Experience the Elewana Sky Safari

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with the exclusive Elewana Sky Safari, where luxury meets the wild African landscape. Let’s take a flight into the heart of Kenya’s wilderness and discover the enchanting world of Lewa Safari Camp, nestled within the renowned Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

Horseback and camel Riding

As you arrive at the airport, anticipate the thrill of boarding a lavish Executive-class Cessna Grand Caravan. Your journey begins with a scenic flight over the diverse landscapes of Kenya, where each bend of the rivers and each peak of the mountains tells a story of the untamed beauty below.

Upon landing, you are greeted by a friendly staff of Lewa Safari Camp. Settle into your exquisite tented accommodation, which offers both comfort and elegance with a touch of African charm. Unwind on your private veranda, with views that stretch over the savannah, promising sightings of the wildlife that roams freely in this protected paradise.

Awake to the sound of the African bush and the soft light of dawn. After a sumptuous breakfast, set off on a morning game drive through the conservancy. Lewa is known for its successful conservation programs, and the abundance of wildlife, including the ‘Big Five’ and the rare Grevy’s zebras and sitatungas, is a testament to these efforts.

Post lunch, visit the conservancy’s headquarters for an eye-opening presentation on the groundbreaking work done to preserve this ecosystem and its inhabitants. End your day with a tranquil sundowner, sipping a cocktail as the sky explodes with hues of amber and gold.

The local community is integral to Lewa’s success. Today, gain insights into the rich cultural heritage of the area with a visit to a nearby village. Engage with the residents, learn about their traditions, and experience their daily lives up close.

In the afternoon, join a guided bush walk for a different perspective of the landscape. Accompanied by Maasai rangers, it’s an opportunity to appreciate the smaller details of the bush and learn about the medicinal uses of various plants as well as the intricacies of animal tracks.

Tailor this day to your preference. Whether you choose another game drive to pursue the wildlife you haven’t yet seen or decide to relax by the pool with the backdrop of Mount Kenya, the day is yours to make the most of Lewa Safari Camp’s offerings.

Optional activities also include horseback riding, camel treks, and even a flight in a biplane for the truly adventurous (additional charges may apply).

On your final morning, relish a leisurely breakfast before bidding farewell to the magic of Lewa Safari Camp. Take one more flight over the breathtaking terrain, carrying with you memories of the sights, sounds, and souls that make the Elewana Sky Safari an unparalleled experience in Africa.

The Elewana Sky Safari seamlessly blends remarkable experiences with opulent comfort, making it not just a trip, but a passage through the soul of Kenya. Book your seat on this journey where every detail is catered for, and the spirit of Africa is yours to discover.

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